Everything is personal


Nevita Herbalist Skincare  provides natural preparations, tailored and formulated to answer

the individual needs of men, women and children, with increased awareness and responsibility for their health and well being.

Based on the purest highest standard natural ingredients, Nevita offers a carefully designed system to support, balance and fortify the skin throughout the different phases of life.

What's in them?

Highly concentrated plant extracts that have undergone a rigorous standardization process to determine just the right level of active ingredients.

Pure aromatic essential oils of the highest grade, imported from the best sources worldwide, undergoing a GLC testing for guaranteed quality. Some are organically grown and produced in Israel.

Each of these powerful botanical essences penetrates right to the deep layers of the epidermis, acting as a booster to regenerate the skin.

Since the fragrances of the products come solely from carefully combined pure essential oils, your own personal aromatic preferences indicate compatibility of certain herbs with your body at this point in time, thus assuring, aside from your delight, maximum benefit to your skin.

Purest vegetable oils Such as organic Macademia oil, Cold-pressed and bottled by the growers, to ensure 100% purity and first hand authenticity – not to be taken lightly these days. One of the great beauty secrets is in using blends of assorted vegetable oils, to provide the just right combinations of complementary essential unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and free radical scavengers, to nurture the cells, tone and uplift your complexion.

Purest vegetable butters such as cocoa butter, karite (shea) butter, mango butter and avocado butter, used liberally even in our soaps, are a blessing for dry skin, giving a luxurious touch one can't miss.

Advanced anti-aging active ingredients – such as pomegranate oil, papaya enzymes, Citron extract  and other powerful goodies that turn time to your side, making the skin look and feel replenished.

Ever more crucial, what's not in them?

No Mineral Oil – A byproduct of gasoline, the likes of which are most popular in the cosmetic industry. Very low cost, it is also very

low value for the skin, would clog pores, deprive skin of natural moisture, aside from being proven to have hormone disrupting effects.

No Lanoline – Derived from sheep wool, Lanoline is known as comedogenic (would clog pores, causing black heads) and as an inducer of allergies, due to the pesticides used on sheep herds.

No Artificial fragrances – that might cause allergic reactions and pigmentation of the skin.

No Artificial coloring –While some costly creams of well known brands contain allergy causing and nervous system irritating or even carcinogenic colorants, other brands claim to include in their snow white creams certain herbs of dominant tint, such as Calendula. One can only imagine the low percentage… Our way is 'what you see is what you get', and the natural colors of herbs and flowers are the only ones you see and get – Calendula is yellow, Altea is redish, Nettle is green, etc.

No Residue of pesticides – Due to the uncompromising purity of the plant extracts and oils.

No Traces of heavy metals – or any other pollutants.

No Hazardous chemicals such as SLS (sodium laurel sulphate) and Propylene Glycol, often used in so called 'Natural' and even 'hypoallergenic' products and baby products, that are considered to be safe and gentle. Their presence destroys any therapeutic properties from natural ingredients.

No DEA, TEA and MEA, the ammonia derivatives, very popular in personal care products as thickeners and emulsifiers. The most dangerous when reacting with certain nitrites, they become nitrosamines, found to becarcinogenic.

Holistic Approach

Nevita products are formulated so as to balance skin conditions by joining forces and interacting with the body's natural processes, rather than "attacking" symptoms. As a result, the skin's self maintenances activity is revitalized and enhanced.

Tailored for your own individual nature

The largest part of Nevita's special preparations has originated from formulations created for individuals, and is still concocted with love, offering solutions to various skin types and unique conditions. "Everyone is special" is no cliché but a proven everyday pactice.


Not tested on animals